Ozobot’s Evo is a smarter coding robot

It’s a cute bot that’ll teach you how to program.


PLAYTIME MEETS PROGRAMMING tool in Ozobot’s Evo, “the smart and social robot toy.” Well, let’s not get too carried away. Evo responds to programming, but that doesn’t exactly make it smart. I’m not sure a bunch of flashing lights, beeps, and whirrs qualify as social, but I suppose I’ve seen worse on Facebook.

The $100 Evo is the second robot from Ozobot, and like its predecessor, Bit, it’s a golfball-sized gizmo that trudges around the floor or table, responding to commands. As with Bit, you can code Evo by simply drawing lines on paper. An optical sensor can detect what color the ink is, and it will follow along a basic black line or speed up when it hits a patch of blue. But let’s be honest: That stuff is really boring, and Ozobot knows it. Hence Evo’s big upgrade: a full-fledged programming system that lets users code actions directly into the robot.

the $100 Evo, a new robot that has sensors to interact with its environment, lights, a speaker and social capabilities. Basically, it’s like a tiny Star Wars droid that you can program on your own.


You can remotely control Evo from a new Ozobot app, which is also where you can program it and interact with other Evo owners. The social capabilities are particularly interesting: You can team up with a friend anywhere in the world and mirror your bots movements. You can also build on Evo routines with others, allowing you to go back and forth to design something like an elaborate dance sequence. The company is also trying to build up a small social network of its own by allowing you to chat with friends from its app.

In addition to the basic line-based programming that Ozobot originally popularized, you can record actions using the mobile app. You can also program Evo with the OzoBlockly language (based on Google’s Blockly), which lets you build commands with a block-like interface. It’s based on Javascript, so think of it as training wheels for proper coding.




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